Central Montana Head Start

Value 1

Establish a supportive learning environment for children, parents, and staff, in which the process of enhancing awareness, refining skills and increasing understanding are valued.

Value 2

Recognize that the members of the Head Start Community-children, families, and staff- have roots in many cultures.  Head Start families and staff, working together as a team, can effectively promote respectful, sensitive, and proactive approaches to diversity issues.

Value 3

Understand that the empowerment of families occurs when program governance is a responsibility shared by families, governing bodies, and staff, and when the ideas and opinions are heard and respected.

Value 4

Embrace a comprehensive vision of health for children, families, and staff, which assures that basic health needs are met, encourages practices that prevent future illnesses and injuries, and promotes positive culturally relevant health behaviors that enhance life-long well being.

Value 5

Respect the importance of all aspects of an individual’s development, including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.

Value 6

Build a community in which each child and adult is treated as an individual while, at the same times, a sense of belonging to the group is reinforced.

Value 7

Foster relations with the larger community, so that families and staff are respected and served by a network of community agencies in partnership with one another.

Value 8

Develop a continuum of care, education, and services that allow stable, uninterrupted support to families and children during and after their Head Start experience.